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Sunday 14th of August 2022
The Vine Centre
33 Station Road, Aldershot, Hants GU11 1BA
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Our counselling service aims to offer a non-judgemental, empathetic and confidential service for adults that provides an opening for exploration in a safe way. Our counselling service aims to provide individuals with an experience that is tailor made to their therapeutic need.

We aim to provide a professional service, with all our counsellors working within the BACP ethical guidelines. All our counsellors are further BACP members (either student/registered members), that are either qualified or working towards qualification. We work closely as a team ensuring our counsellors are well supervised to make sure that those who access our service are receiving all they need/want at this time.

Individuals benefit from receiving a counselling service that works within wide limits, welcoming any counseling need. Although in recent years, we have often worked with problems stemming from or that lead to homelessness and vulnerability; we are also excited that new changes are opening up our service to a wider audience. In the past few months, this has allowed us to work with difficulties including and not limited to; sexual abuse, divorce/relationships, self esteem and confidence issues, anxiety, depression, coping with mental illness, death/loss, trauma, substance misuse/abuse, Bullying, parenting and this list goes on.

Everyone using the counseling service has further access to any other service we offer and can choose what direction they follow for themselves. Our counsellors work to enable individuals to find their own answers, open locked doors and see things in a different light.

We initially offer 12 sessions but this can be extended depending on the needs of the individual. Welfare is our top priority and we will always endeavor to refer people on if we agree they want/need more support.

If you would like counselling or are interested to hear more, please contact for more information.

Or please call us on 01252 400196 to talk to any of our staff who will be happy to help. Referral is by the individual or agency acting on their behalf. No referrals are accepted without the client’s knowledge.
Our client’s stories

“I can’t wait to come here every week, I have no one else I can talk to and offload” 

Client X Our counsellor saw this lady for 19 sessions, after she came to the vine for help with her depression and feeling low after losing a job. With the space to talk confidentially about things she was able to express her emotions of anger and frustration. Through deep conversation she recognized what triggered her drinking and how to manage this trigger. Unresolved family issues from the past had caused her to find ways to cope, and that coping was through using alcohol. Through counseling she learned different ways to manage these complex family dynamics and how to relate to triggers both past and present.

X decided to finish sessions once she no longer felt a need for counselling. She is now employed and says that she knows how to cope better with everyday life. However, at the same time, she has recognized that there may be a need for further emotional support at work and in her personal life. X has learned to be proactive and rather than reaching the bottle reach out to others for support. This indicates how far they have come from the first meeting.
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The Vine Day Centre is a registered charity in England, our charity number is 1193666.
Registered office:The Vine Day Centre, 33 Station Road, Aldershot, Hampshire, GU11 1BA
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