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Sunday 14th of August 2022
The Vine Centre
33 Station Road, Aldershot, Hants GU11 1BA
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Anger Management

Our personalised programme aims to help individuals understand their anger, the triggers and a plan to manage emotions.

By offering a safe and comfortable environment we find a level of trust is established. Individuals are able to access the Vine Centre for other services and support. In fact several people, who have first visited us for Anger Management, found that Art Therapy is an obvious step in their move-on process.

Sometimes, we find that anger is a product of addiction or poor mental health and we are able to offer support for both these areas, within our one-stop community centre.

The Vine Centre offers one to one Anger Management to individuals struggling with anger in the community.

We accept referrals from a range of organisations including supported housing providers, Inclusions, GPs and mental health services as well as self-referral from individuals.

If you would like more details, please contact or please call us on 01252 400196 to talk to any member of our staff who will be happy to help.
Positive Outcomes

L first came to The Vine with severe mental health problems that resulted in self-harming and suicide attempts. With incredibly low self-esteem and thinking of herself as a “bad person” because of her anger. For several weeks we worked on self-esteem and the fact that anger in itself was not bad, nor did it make her a “bad person” it was the lack of control that we needed to work on. Within a few it appeared as though a huge weight had been lifted off her shoulders. It was also apparent that most of Client L’s anger outbursts seemed to stem from frustration. 

As Client L’s anger and self-harm are worse when she is alone, we spent time building up a timetable of activities for her including volunteering, Maths lessons, Creative Writing classes and walking. We worked on different techniques for her anger including visualisation, exercise, journaling and the use of stress balls.

It was apparent early on that L’s anger was far more to do with her mental health and self-esteem but as we had built up a level of trust with me, she preferred to continue to see me rather than transfer to our Specialist Mental Health Worker. However, as her anger has now dissipated and her self-harm is more under control, she has agreed to weekly support sessions with a Support Worker. L is now comfortable about coming in to the Vine Centre and speaking to any member of staff or volunteer who is on shift.
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